Welcome to Leon Vos Game Breeders

Leon Vos Game Breeders specialise in the breeding of Buffalo, Nyala and Sable.

Leon (left) with Werner (middle) and Natie (right)




Our latest successes:

We are proud to be part of Benchmark Game Breeders, known for high standards.  During 2012 we were privileged to obtain a SA Record on a Benchmark Auction – R 675 000.00 for a Matetsi cow with a John heifer! During the Benchmark Auction of 2013, we sold a 45" sable bull for  R600 000- the next best price for a bull on the auction!



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IMG_5178.jpg IMG_4129.jpg IMG_3154.jpg IMG_3182.jpg IMG_1281.jpg IMG_0802.jpg Tina-de-Jager-Trop-17-.jpg John-47-5-duim-Zambies-5-.jpg Tina-de-Jager-Trop-2-.jpg IMG_0786.jpg IMG_1229.jpg Ian-Verse-17-.jpg IMG_0784.jpg Tina-de-Jager-Trop-8-.jpg Tina-de-Jager-Trop-19-.jpg Bokke-te-koop-010.jpg IMG_3106.jpg Stamper-Verse-12-.jpg Sandrivier-Njalas-4-.jpg IMG_9948.jpg Stamper-45-Duim-Zambies-1-.jpg